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There are many business and marketing items published inside specialized magazines that analyze the topics concerning new generations, their shopping habits and relationship with technologies. But what is your communication strategy to talk to the Z Generation? What tools should be used with a generation that has never lived without easy access to the Internet?

These topics have given rise to many questions and have prompted our Company to create a tool to communicate appropriately with this demographic population which will represent, by 2020, at least 40% of all consumers. Game Suite stems from this interest: a completely customizable software, a system useful to create digital entertainment in your Company for your brand.

Game Suite Strategia aziendale per nativi digitali

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Game Suite is a dialogue tool that addresses to young people through their language: the technological one. The software helps companies to draw young people closer to their brand, creating unique and engaging experiences to retain and entertain their consumers. Young people are aware of technology’s captivating power: they spend a lot of time online because it is the environment where their friends are. However, unlike the common thought, according to Forbes, 70% of the new generations prefer spending their time within physical environments, not virtual ones. They prefer to meet friends in meeting places and do real shopping, not virtual.

The areas of conviviality, staging and aggregation are therefore a new area of interest that requires investment in terms of marketing, customizations and technological research.

Game Suite Strategia aziendale per nativi digitali
Game Suite figli della Generation Z

The Digital Transformation must take into account this new young public that is used to purchasing independently, demanding highly customizable and engaging products and communications. Updating your marketing and communication strategy with innovative tools is an indispensable step to offer unique and engaging experiences, to interface with the new generations and to stay abreast of changes.

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