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Kids’ entertainment is changing

Today’s new generation of consumers, who have had access to the Internet and digital devices since birth, require new forms of entertainment that are capable of combining the real and the virtual world. They look for experiences that bring the games they play on their tablets or smartphones into real life, transforming them into exciting collective entertainment. Game Suite was created with these consumers in mind. It is a touchscreen game package whose goal is attracting and entertaining children and teenagers, keeping them coming back to play again and again.

The most entertaining videogames you’ve ever... touched!

Game Suite is an exclusive software suite of digital games specifically created and developed for Multi-Touch interactive tables and displays. It is designed with kids in mind. Time spent in a hotel, B&B, campground or any other accomodation turns into an opportunity to have fun by playing stimulating games and sharing them with other children.

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The gaming experience offered by Game Suite is secure and enjoyable. It stimulates socialization and healthy competition, with all the fascination of digital games. You can choose between educational, creative, social or competitive games, where multiple users can challenge each other in exciting contests. Create a customised play experience for your hotel and engage a younger audience like never before.

Choose a customised gaming experience

With Game Suite we can customise the gaming experience. The graphics can be modified to include your company colours, images or brand. We can also adapt the gaming dynamics, developing dedicated communication projects with you that take full advantage of the potential of digital gaming.

Choose the preferred game combination and try it for free

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It’s simple

Game Suite works with any digital network that has a touchscreen. Create a digital entertainment area dedicated to your young guests, involving them in fun challenges, for example while waiting for their parents or during activity breaks. Game Suite becomes an added attraction for your hotel, making it a space that is suitable for the whole family. Try it, get in the game.


To create your own interactive area with Game Suite, all you need a PC with 64bits and Windows 10. Choose the preferred game combination and ask for your FREE TRIAL: you will be able to play and test all the features of the suite.

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